Olives are highly regarded for their magical healing powers. Scientific studies have since identified a family of powerful antioxidant compounds in olives called polyphenols or biophenols. Olive biophenols protect the skin, maintain healthy joint functions, promote cardiovascular wellness and remodulate the immune system to respond appropriately to infection.

Professor Dr. Roberto Crea developed a patented environmentally friendly process to harvest the antioxidant potential of organic olives while maintaining the integrity of all the other biophenols together with hydroxytyrosol (HT) in its natural state. This novel invention eventually developed into a formulation platform called HIDROX® .

HIDROX® , originally formulated by CreAgri as a blend of naturally occurring olive polyphenols, is covered by the largest number of patents for composition of matters, manufacturing process and applications that include inflammatory processes, immune modulating, anti-microbial benefits and UV protection. 


OLIVENOL™ was the first product to be developed out of the HIDROX® platform. It has been successfully sold for the last 10 years on the International market as a dietary supplements  with clear and significant benefits to thousands of users. Its unique broad range of health benefits have been clinically proven in numerous human studies all over the world.

Over the past several years, CreAgri received emails and feedback from users who consume OLIVENOL™. The overwhelming majority of these reported positive benefits and improvement in quality of life as a result of therapeutic effects from OLIVENOL™ on their health indications.

OLIVENOL™ plus+ is the latest result from CreAgri's research laboratory. Dr Crea has advanced his development to a better and more compact formula. OLIVENOL™ plus+ contains TWICE  the concentration of biophenols compared to previous formulation. This newly improved OLIVENOL™ plus+ delivers much higher and more potent dose of anti-oxidants that is 6,600 times higher than resveratrol (from skin of red grapes).

OLIVENOL™ plus+ comes in different skus, each specially formulated to meet different needs.

HIDROX® pure organic olive juice in capsules and liquid
HIDROX® plus+ Glucosamine
HIDROX® plus+ L-Carnatine
HIDROX® plus+ Alpha Lipoic Acid



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