Chris Ng

My mother Julie (73 years old) was in her early 60s when she started having pain in her fingers. It started with a nagging pain occasionally, but after a while, the pain became quite persistent and constant. The joints on her fingers started to swell, and she had difficulty bending them.

She was only in the 60s then, but yet her movement were hampered by the pain and discomfort of this disability severely impacted her quality of life. She became disheartened. When she had the pain, even simple things like buttoning, cooking and opening doors became a challenge. Worse of all, the pain caused her mental frame of mind to be demotivated and her jest for life was affected. She didn't feel like doing anything. I felt for her very much.

I chanced upon this product called OLIVENOL™ plus+, recommended by my neighbourhood pharmacist. She told me that my mum's symptoms sounds like rheumatoid arthirits and ask me to consider trying this product. Since this is a natural product made out of olives, I did not hesitate to get it for mum. Anything for her to ease that pain and regain her quality of life.

After 2- 3 weeks of consuming OLIVENOL™ plus+, she started to notice that her pain is almost gone. Her fingers were much more flexible and she could bend them with no discomfort. It sounds unbelievable, but it's true. The persistent pain was gone! Mum has been taking OLIVENOL™ plus+ for almost a year now, and is so happy that the pain hasn't come back once since the day she started her first bottle of OLIVENOL™ plus+. The added bonus is her hair has become bouncier, and healthier looking too!

Thank you so much for giving mum this gift of a pain free life. The days where she sits at home, miserable and suffering in despair, are a thing of the past!

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