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My son was diagnosed as having psoriasis when he was 12 years old. It was indeed heartbreaking for us to know of his condition. If you have one pimple on your face that made you feel ugly, try to multiply that feelings times many many lesions all over your body that are red, scaly, itchy and leave a trail of dead skin wherever you go; that is what my son has to suffer.

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, "Psoriasis is a not-yet-curable disease that begins in the immune system but is revealed by a dramatically increased number of skin cells in the top layers of the skin… A malfunction in the immune system causes skin cells to regenerate much more quickly [than normal]—every three to four days. As the skin cells accumulate, they form scaly areas of skin called plaques that appear red and raised.

Apart from having to deal with the physical discomfort of the disease, he has to also cope with the emotional impact of it. When he meet new friends, they often have the misconception that the skin disease is contagious. I can see my son being hesitant to even reach out to shake someone's hands, fearing that that person will recoil from him. He wears long sleeves shirts and pants, even in hot weather, just to hide from stares of people.

My doctor told me that even those close to the disease can sometimes misunderstand it. "Every single day I have very well-educated parents [of patients] who come in and say, 'Talk to them about their diet,' and I'll say, 'Didn't you just hear what I said? This is a genetic, immune-mediated disease. Diets will not help. You cannot get this because you eat too much chocolate or pizza.

As a result of the misconceptions many people have about psoriasis, patients are sometimes advised to try unorthodox remedies by nonhealthcare professionals. People give a lot of backseat advice. They'll tell me not to eat meat or to just get rid of the stress, as if it were that easy. There's a lot of stab-in-the-dark stuff that people are willing to try because it's such a frustrating condition.

I became very excited and hopeful when I stumble upon OLIVENOL™ plus+ at my local pharmacist. My son has been taking it for a few months and have shown improvement. At least the flaring episodes is under control, and he experience much relief from itchiness, and the skin looks less red.

LF Chan, 43, Home maker

I was 25 years old when I was afflicted with psoriasis. It started on my scalp, then elbow and knees. Though it wasn't very painful, the itchiness in those scabbed areas caused great discomfort. I didn't dare scratch too much in order not to aggravate the troubled spots, but it was very distracting. My normal routine in life was affected, and there were times when I just didn't feel like socialising.

I went to several dermatologist, and the only help they could give me was ointments and more ointments, which didn't really help. Some of them did partially take away the symptoms for a short time but the itchiness will come back again.

I came across OLIVENOL™ plus+ at my neighbourhood pharmacy. The pharmacist recommended this product and told me that the product had shown encouraging results in a small trial on psoriasis patient in Japan. She did not present the product to me as a "proven cure", which in a way made me more willing to try it.

I saw the pictures and did a bit of research to verify that there was indeed such a trial. I concluded that despite it not being a controlled trial and the patient group was rather small, the results looked credible enough.

As I was already desperate and there was nothing in the market that has helped me, I decided to give the product try.

I was determined I would be persistent in taking OLIVENOL™ plus+. I decided I would give myself a year and replicate the daily dosage of the Japanese patient group who took the product for 12 months.

After 6 months of consuming (which is short compared to my 15 years of suffering!), I noticed a remarkable improvement in my condition. The scabs on my scalp has reduced by almost 70%! My arthritis pain caused by psoriasis has also reduced drastically.

I have consumed it for a year. There is no reason for me to stop. The thoughts and memory of the torturous itch encourage me to stay on course. OLIVENOL™ plus+ is the first product that has given a real solution to my condition.

I am a very satisfied consumer. Thank you for giving me a new lease of life!

KH Ng, 40, Cheras

My son is 26 yrs old and was diagnosed with psoriasis since 3 yrs old. We consulted many doctors and they explained it is related to his asthma. It started on his neck, elbow and knees. I felt despair and helpless watching him scratch and damage his skin. He suffered terribly with his social life badly effected. Whenever he went out, he would dress in his long pants and shirts even in hot weather like Malaysia. He was ashamed of people staring at his skin and even some people making fun of him and laughing at him. Everyday, he battled emotionally, physically and mentally. As a result, he did not participate in any sports. Many people gave me lots of advice with the best outcome lasting only a shortwhile.

One day, I came across OLIVENOL through internet and read about it and ended up buying a box for him to try. After a month, we saw some improvement and I continued another box and again saw lots of improvement. For the first time, his condition is under control. He experienced much relief from itchiness and the skin became less red. At least now he can wear shorts and short sleeve shirts when he goes out to socialize. He will continue to take OLIVENOL. We are hopeful that one day his problem will be something of the past. Thank you OLIVENOL.

Jenny Ng Lee Yan

My Mummy was an outdoor, active person before I was born. Her life turned around and she became a haggard looking person with black eyes right after due to sleepless nights for many months. She used to watch me sleep and tears will drop from her eyes as my skin was badly affected by eczema since I was 2 months old. I didn't sleep well too and kept waking up my Mummy as I was itchy all the time.

When my Mummy takes me out, people will gape as I looked like I had a disease or I was being abused. My face, arms, legs and body were all red and oozing with water and bloody coz I scratched it hard. Mummy used to boast that I was the smartest baby as I learnt to scratch at a very young age of 2 months. My Mummy and Daddy tried all sorts of methods to help me and spent all the money that they have set aside to send me to an international school. But nothing worked.

The day Mummy was introduced to Olivenol was a day of great rejoicing. She fed me with only 0.5ml per day every day for the next few months. My skin slowly became normal and I started to give my Mummy some full night's sleep. Today, people call me cute when they see me. No one gapes at me. A doctor even mentioned that I have beautiful skin! Of course he didn't see the folds of my skin which still shows traces of past eczema.

But the best thing is that my Mummy got her life back. She can now go back to kickboxing classes although I wouldn't let her go to all other outdoor activities without me :). Her black panda eyes has reduced significantly and she is not so haggard looking anymore. Even my Grandma believes that I am a stronger boy because of Olivenol.

I'd like to say thanks to Olivenol for making everyone's life a little brighter.

Lai Khyentse, who was the voice for his mummy.

When I was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis six years ago, the dermatologist who treated me prescribed the use of topical steroids on my affected body area. I followed this treatment faithfully, hoping that my condition will improve after a few weeks. However, I had to continue using steroids for over 2 years. Every few weeks increasing dosage and switching brands when dermatologist was not satisfied with the results.

I was getting concern about the ineffective treatment for my condition. The plaques which started out to affect 10% of my body, continued to grow larger to over 30% of my body. About two three years ago, I decided to stop using steroids completely and seek alternative natural treatment. That was the beginning of my worst nightmare!

Soon after I stopped using steroids, my psoriasis plaque flared and grew to cover 80% of my body in a matter of weeks. The itch and pain on my body when these plaque cracks to expose wound became unbearable. I found out later that what I went through was called “rebound”. It is one of the many negative side effect from the long term use of steroids. I did not realize the treatment I was using for my psoriasis could actually make my condition worse.

Since then, I have decided to avoid steroids completely and find a solution to my problem from alternative therapies.

After undergoing several failed attempts, I was introduced to try OLIVENOL™ plus+. Initially I was skeptical as nothing had worked for me so far. After determining that the ingredient is natural and does not contain any steroids, my pharmacists, recommended me to take 2ml per day. Immediate effect I could feel was reduction in redness and higher energy level. After 2 months, some of my stubborn plaques started to thin and fade.

It has been about a year since I started on this olive juice extract, my plaques are not totally clear yet, but they have reduced by 50%. Unlike steroids, my plaques do not flare up when I stop taking it. My dermatologist calls this the “stable” state. He is happy and I am happy. I do not expect 100% recovery, but I am confident OLIVENOL™ plus+ is keeping me on the right track and helping me regain a quality of life I used to have.

Calvin Lam, 36, Kepong

My four year old son has very serious eczema around his neck area. I first noticed it when he was about six months old. Initially, I discounted it as just “one of those things” (like nappy rash) that all babies would have. He grew out of his nappy rash by the time we celebrated his first birthday.

At about the same time, the rashes on his neck became more serious. I applied prescription steroid cream on him to stop it from spreading and to lessen the itchiness. This was a repeated cycle for the last three years. After each round of relief, it is followed by another episode of more nasty flare. At one point, almost 80% of the visible neck area of my son had wet, itchy and painful flaring rash.

The most heartbreaking thing I had to endure was my husband’s decision to tie up my boy’s hands at night to stop him from scratching himself. There is no word to describe the agony of this helpless mother and powerless wife.

I am glad those days are now over. A family friend who happened to be a doctor recommended us to try OLIVENOLTM, an organic olive juice extract. I am grateful he did.

The improvements were visible after the first week. His rashes became less red and were no longer oozing wet. After two months, there were still some eczema patch on his neck but he is no longer troubled by the itch. When the scratching stopped, the healing process accelerated.

I am glad we found a solution that worked for my son. Thank you.

Michelle, 30, Kulai.

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